Burring, scanning

We accept jobs!

The objectives of our Headquarter includes to make our services available to everyone.

Our devices are compatible with all scanners so we can receive work from anywhere!

Currently, we can manage the following Works with our five-axis milling machine (CAD / CAM):

  • Anatomical crown and reduces it
  • Smooth cap
  • Anatomical crown
  • Pressed crown
  • Anatomical crown which is reduced by an intermediate element
  • Anatomical intermediate element
  • Pressed intermediate element
  • Inlay / onlay
  • Reduced inlay / onlay
  • Veneer
  • Primary telescope
  • Anatomical wax-up
  • Reduced wax-up
  • Intermediate element wax-up
  • Absence of teeth

In order to expand our services, we are constantly updating our software!