In the Dentaltech Dental Laboratory we are doing responsibility our dental activities.

We take 5 year warranty for our work!

For warranty details, please contact us!

You will receive the following quarantees:

  • The Contractor shall take 1-5 year warranty in case if the work will be produced by it, and in case of the intended use.
  • In case of denture relining and breaking repair is one month.
  • In the course of temporarily fixed prosthesis we do not take warranties.
  • Fixing of the final product in the mouth the customer has accepted the performance at the time quality (for example color, shape), the warranty period will begin.
  • The Contractor after the works will be used, will not be accept aesthetic (color, shape) complaint.
  • During the warranty conditions to repair or replace by the customer is entitled to. Monay back, or cancellation is not possible.
  • The Contractor's warranty is valid only to the product, is not able to reimburse the other costs of the patient (client)