Metal based removable prostheses

Baseplate, gingiva, artificial teeth

This prosthesis is formed from the combination of acrylic and metal.

In case of a metal prosthesis the baseplate and the connecting parts are made of metal, while the part in the vestibule and the artificial teeth are made ​​of plastic.

Parts of the partial metal plate prosthesis

1, Baseplate

Form of the Great connecting parts:

1. Upper jaw

  • butterfly-shaped
  • horseshoe or U-shaped
  • skeletonized
  • whole plate

2. Lower jaw:

  • lingual arch
  • vestibular / labial arch

2, Artificial gingiva

The task of the artificial gingiva is the replacement of the vestigial procesus alveolaris and to fix the replacement teeth on the baseplate. In the absence of front teeth the artificial gingiva together with the artificial teeth supports the lips, thereby improving the aesthetics of the face. The similarity to the original tissue is very important.

3, Artificial teeth

Our Dental prosthesis are insoluble (SR) and made from cross linking (CR) hard Akrilat. For the similarity to the original teeth, we use different colors. One of the most commonly used color scale distinguishes four basic colors: A (reddish brown) B (reddish yellow) C (gray) D (reddish gray) (1-4).

4, Tools of the anchoring

The functions of Anchors:

  • retention
  • axial load on the abutment tooth
  • reasonable distribution of the load
  • securing the reciprocal force
  • fixing the anchors
  • Passivity: at standstill, the anchor should tell no strength to the tooth.
  • clips
  • Curved wire clips: the dental technician bends it with a pair of pliers in the right shape.
  • Molded clips: the type of clip is very important because it has important functions.

The usable materials

We can put Akrilat teeth on the dental prosthesis. The gingiva is made out of aesthetic Akrilat. Metal plates and gold alloys are the most useful, because they are easy to form and they are allergy free. Cobalt chrome is the most prevalent in our country. Titanium is also good, but it is difficult to work with and you need special devices for it.