Metal fixed dental prostheses

Crowns, bridges

  • Solo tooth-crown
  • Artificial abutment with dowel
  • Bridge
  • Implant

Cobalt-chromium frame made ​​with precision cast technology: The selection of the appropriate 100% clean raw materials is unavoidable in this casting technique. We work with a specific incubations technology and with tension free wax models, this ensures us that we can achieve micron accurate border seals in metal casting.

Laser sintered frames

These frames are produced inclusion-freely from pure cobalt-chrome powder with the help of a laser sintering machine. The result is a precise, long lasting frame, fitting the ceramics perfectly. After the CAD design of the scanned, prepared wax model, the stl file arrives to the laser sintering device instead of the milling device, and the laser sintering starts.

The advantages of cobalt-chrome works with CAM/CAD technology over usual cast technology:

The chrome-cobalt cylinder used by the CAD/CAM technology is made from a pure-alloy block, from which the milling machine carves the metal frame. The metal cannot be casted more than one time, while it leads to quality degradation and the change of composition. In case of the usual techniques the different alloying elements burn out at all castings. The metal will be contaminated and inclusions can appear which can cause the detachment of the porcelain. The flexibility and the solidity deteriorate. During the dowel-fixing pressure is produced in the wax model, later the expansion at the metal casting and the inadequate mixing ration of the investment material causes the loose fixation of the frame. However, if the frame is carved from one block the metal won’t have the opportunity to deteriorate, it will be extremely precise, and the structure of the metal won’t change. The result is the perfectly precise work and the masterly stable ceramics.