Metal free prostheses

Crowns, bridges

Titanium, zirconium dioxide, CAD CAM products of our Dental Labs:

  • crown
  • bridge
  • Richmond crown
  • dowel abutment
  • implant abutment
  • individual implant abutments
  • inlays

The advantage of titanium frame prostheses is that they are not allergenic, and since the material of these implants is titanium, the border seals of the crowns and bridges built on them are equally good as the most precise golden works. The technology requires special ceramics and casting machine. Zirconium dioxide frames are made with a five-axis CNC milling machine, so we can rule out the mistakes. A robot carves the desired Dental work out of a pressed zirconium dioxide. After this it comes in a sintering oven for 12 hours at 1450 Celsius, where it gets its final shape.

Immediate crown – Immediate bridge

We work with the English, cross-linking cooking acrylate which – based on our experiences – is perfect for temporary prosthetics, until the final prosthesis is done.